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Let me introduce myself:

My name is Sandra Geurts. Others might know me by my Viking name Gullveig or just Vikinggirl. 

Born in The Netherlands, but now live in the UK. I give demo’s and workshops to everybody who is interested in the way Vikings lived or how  fiber crafts are done.

The resources comes from books, archaeological reports, internet, but also by experimental archeology. Because by re-creating it, we experience how things really work. How much time it took, how it felt and smelled. The materials that I use are the same as the Vikings would have used. Like wool and linen. But for art shows I like to experiment with different materials.

Learning about the old cultures is always a work in progress. Specialy textiles are usualy a rare historic find. And then mostly they only find a small bit. So there is always guess work involved. And that is were experimental archeology comes in.

On the other hand, I am also an artist. Nature is a great inspiration. You will see that in my tree-creatures. Every one of them is unique. Many people today lost contact with the spirits of nature. Luckely I still see them. And they want to show themselves to you by the art I make. Now you can see them too. Enjoy.

Sandra Geurts.




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