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Let me introduce myself:

My name is Sandra Geurts.

Born in The Netherlands, where I went to art school and then studied to be an activities co-ordinator. When I was 28 I decided to go on adventure and I travelled all over, but now I've settled in the UK. Together with my husband and two cats.

You can find me at different fairs and festivals selling my bespoke hand made items. And I also work as a support worker for people with a physical disability.

I started selling at re-enactment markets where I made historically correct clothing. Using the same materials and techniques as they would have done 2000 years ago. Then I moved on to Pagan festivals and motorbike markets. When I started my Etsy account I found out people really liked personalised items. And that brought me to start selling at wedding fairs too.

I like to give demos and workshops to everybody who is interested in old crafts.

About my products:

Learning about the old cultures is always a work in progress. Specialy textiles are usualy a rare historic find. And then mostly they only find a small bit. So there is always guess work involved. And that is were experimental archeology comes in. Because by re-creating it, we experience how things really worked. How much time it took, how it felt and smelled. 

For the fairs and festivals I like to experiment with different materials too. My items will always ooze with character and they are unique.


Sandra Geurts.


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