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Since the beginning, I always dreaded to start card weaving. Maybe it is a bit silly, but all those cards looked intimidating to me. And I know it can be a life -long study. Something like astrology. I know the basic astro signs, but I just never wanted to dig deep, because it would take forever to master completely.
Last year my husband, who is very new to all these old crafts, bought a pair of cards and just started. And it worked! Nothing complicated. Just a basic pattern.
With my experience with heddle weaving I figured it would not be so hard for me to start. Besides the rookie mistake that I didn't string half one way through the cards, and the other half the other way...it went well. We all learn.
Last week I made 2 more belts. It always wonders me how fantastic they come out. It takes more time then heddle weaving, but the pattern looks so much nicer.
I make tablet woven trim on request. Then the colours will match with the outfit.
It can be bulky, then it can be used as belt.
It can be less wide, then it can be used as neck trim.
All depends on the thickness of the yarn and how wide. And what you want to do with it.

There is this book with patterns I use.  Some are advanced, some are more basic. But they all look very neat!..and my best patterns were the ones I improvised.

I usualy work with wool. Mainly because I do not have that many linen yarn colours available at the moment.
Cotton gives a very nice result, but its not period. So I will not  be suitable for re-enactors.


For sale :

side A
side B
pattern 1
Pure wool.
12 cards.
48 weft yarns
ca. 1 inch wide
ca. 3 cm wide
Green, red, yellow, white.
Price:$ 20 per yard
side A
side B
pattern 2
Pure wool
6 cards
24 weft yarns
ca. 3/4inch wide
 ca.1.75 cm wide
Yellow, white, red, green.
Price: $15 per yard.