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Books are nice and a good referance, but if you are like me, then you learn best by watching other do it.
There are other good teachers around who like to share their knowledge. And the more people, the more idea's, the more we learn.
I applaud everybody who shows how they do it.
As requested by many I am working on my "old crafts" instruction DVD's.  The camcorder is on its way to me. As soon as I figured out how that thing works, I will start filming.
While waiting for that, I would like to introduce the stitches shown by Petra Ommen.  Otherwise known as Pittyom.
A talented German Nalbind teacher and artist.
Some videos are in German, but it is easy to follow even if you do not speak the language.

York Stitch

The Oslo Stitch
The Asle stitch
The Asle weaver stitch
-- a variation of the Asle stitch.
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