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Sprang is a twisting technique.
Basically it is yarn warped between 2 rods. The lower rod needs weight added because you want tension. That can be a set of keys or even a shoe.
Because the yarn is around the rods it creates a front and a back side. The basic technique is that you twist the next yarn from the back, around the first one in the front. That is it. Your basics.
You can add a yarn or a stick to prevent the row from un-twisting. And to separate the front from the back.
It takes up half of the materials like crochet or knitting. And it goes twice as fast.
Fantastic technique!!!

Here is a link to a sprang picture album I made a while ago. It shows you all  the steps.
Untill I have my video camera, this will have to do.
Although it is nice to have still images as a reminder:   Sprang workshop ( sorry link not working.Somehow I lost the file. I will try to make a new one )

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