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These pictures are for educational purpose ONLY!!!
I put them on here to show you what was made through history. These pictures are not mine and copyrite belongs to the musea or the person who took the picture. They are mentioned in the text if I know the source.

Sprang Hairnet >
of classical Greek type.
Coptic , probably 4th or 5th Century AD. From Akhmin, Egypt.
This linen bag-shaped hairnet is made from a single piece of sprang folded at the centre and sewn down the sides. It has two draw-strings. One at the opening for securing it on the head, another one through the centre of pulling in the crown.
( source- Brittish Museum. On display. )

Coptic Greek style hairnet
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Bredmosen sprang cap
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< Bredmosen Sprang hairnet
This cap is from the Bredmosen bog in Store Arden, North Jutland.
Two of the oak-coffin finds from the early Bronze age contain hairnets in sprang technique.

More pictures of this hairnet:
( with thanks to Claudia)
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